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Craige Bottorff Longhorns

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2009 Heifers


CB Tari's Rockette


D.O.B. 5/23/09

Rocketman X CB Taristar DOB 5/23/09 This beautiful heifer combines the Tari Graves, Starlight, and Delta Rockette bloodlines all on one pedigree for the next generation of super cows. I wanted to add a shot of Butler to my program so why not the very best, Delta Rockette. This is the beginning of a new mix of cattle. The best of the best. Check out her pedigree, it is one of a kind.



Dalgood's Rocket Man x Almond Joy

DOB ll/2/09



Dalgood's Rocket Man x RHF Almond Joy
D.O.B. 11/15/09


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