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Craige Bottorff Longhorns

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The Best Of The Best Rocketman X CB Taristar




This is the heifer calf in the picture above.  DOB 5/23/09  Her name is CB Tari's Rockette.  Dalgood's Rocket Man x CB Taristar

This is CB Taristar and her new heifer out of Rocketman. 
The good news in the longhorn business today is that the longhorn is no longer endangered.  The bad news is there are plenty of longhorns out there and if you are not raising something special you are raising hamburger.  The longhorn breed is one of the fastest improving breeds of bovine there is today.
If you are still raising mix and match cattle they will probably not meet the standard of todays market.  You need to have planned pedigress and planned breeding.
Although the mix and match breeding will sometimes produce a big horned animal they are the exception not the rule.  The best way to increase the chances of producing quality animals is to look at the production history of the animals in the pedigrees.
That is why I am using CB TariStar and her Rockteman heifer as an example on this page.  CB TariStar already contains the Starlight and the Tari Graves bloodlines.  The heifer will add to the mix by including  Delta Rockette, possibly the best Butler cow there is. 
CB TariStar's dam, Almond Joy goes back to the Graves 102 cow and so does Delta Rockette.  This is what I am talking about when I say add cattle to your pedigrees that have a record of production.
Some of the bulls on this little heifers pedigree are Starliner, Headliner, Emperor, Deigo's Hot Shot, Ace's Mojo and many more.  All producers.
For more information on the A.I. and embryo calves coming up containig the Starlight, Tari Graves, and Delta Rockette bloodines or Tari Graves, and Delta Rockette bloodlines, send me an email. 

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